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"Calculations of the Ancients" is out now on Minotauro Records. You can order a physical copy at, or download a digital copy at our bandcamp. Thanks in advance for listening and for supporting the little guys. We appreciate every single one of you.





Calculations of the Ancients

Calculations of the Ancients (Mini-LP CD)

Calculations of the Ancients Digital

Calculations of the Ancients (Digital Download)

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2012 EP

2012 EP (Digipak CD)

2012 EP

2012 EP (Digital Download)

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Calculations of the Ancients

Released: April 29th, 2014 via Minotauro Records

“To say they're a progressive band is an understatement. To say that their music falls off the edge of buildings is an understatement.”

“...the songs aren’t lost in pretense or over-ambitiousness; they just rock, and do it well. The album has a total ‘fuck yeah!’ quality to it, packed with thrashy percussion, triumphant and kick-ass riffs...”

“The band really puts it all together however on the monstrous instrumental "Ghosts of Bhopal", as crushing, complex metal riffs collide with gentle jazz, folk, & blues interludes for a wild ride.”


2012 EP

Released: October 6th, 2012

“The EP’s closing track, “Wandering the Continuum,” is the particular highlight for me, with its lovely early (and entirely too brief) section of twin guitar countermelodies and long, Zappa-esque outro solo, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the EP’s four tracks.”

“Super Massive Black Holes live up to their name, as they seem to consume something from almost every subgenre of metal and beyond and mold it into something wonderful.”

“Think the genre-skipping, eight-minute tracks of Between the Buried and Me, mixed with guttural vocals, noodling guitars, cymbal heavy percussive flourishes and groovy chord progressions. In this case, more is more...”







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Intriguing, thought-provoking and memorable, Super Massive Black Holes (aka SMBH) plays a mix of genres that will make you scratch your head and tap your foot, all while banging your head into solid objects. Seamlessly blending Death Metal, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Prog, Blues, and "Other", SMBH will expand your mind and prove that new and interesting music is alive and well.

BIO: The band was formed in mid-2010 after Denver Bergreen (guitar, bass in Anakronis, ex-bassist in Chaos Logic), freshly in need of a band, decided to start a casual "play-anything" project with his good friend Jake Reimer (guitar, bassist/vocalist in Statue of Demur). Shortly thereafter, Denver had a chance encounter with Clay Steadman (drums, ex-Inspected By 40), and he was snapped up and added to the roster. Then the last piece was acquired and Tristan Peterson (bass, ex-Skulldozer) completed the lineup.

Recently, the band has been consistently writing, recording and performing. Late 2012 saw the release of a 4-track EP, and several opportunities for shows and festivals the next year, including Calgary Metalfest, with headliners Skeletonwitch, Intronaut, and Scale The Summit. The winter of 2013/2014 was spent creating and finishing the band's first full-length effort "Calculations of the Ancients". The record features 9 tracks packed with powerful grooves and spiraling melodies, and is unashamed to venture between many musical styles. Lyrically, the album contains concepts based on scientific principles, wrapped in metaphors from human experiences.

youtube/smbhmusicca soundcloud/supermassiveblackholes